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The Archway Youth Project Disclaimer

The Archway Youth Project (TAYP) is an accredited motor vehicle training centre for young people who have an interest in motor maintenance and repair. Our aim is to bring greater benefits to any young people who endeavour to pursue pathways in the automotive industry.


The Project also anticipates that any additional qualifications obtained from our training programming would increase young people’s respective attainment/achievement levels, and subsequently, enhanced their opportunities to accessing specialised areas within the motor vehicle engineering sector.


Young people can access our training services up to 16 hours (max) per week over 4 days depending on their respective needs, and our delivery address is Arch B, The Link, Bazalgette Way, Thamesmead, London, SE2 9BS.


Accordingly, the PROJECT has never claimed to be a SCHOOL or COLLEGE, or offers a FULL TIME PROVISION and therefore, would implore on all referring agencies and parents to desist from referring to as such.


For further information on this disclaimer, please contact Toni-Lee Ferguson (Ag. Project Manager) on 07873 486 953 or 


Thank you.

Iristide Essien


You can view a copy of our disclaimer policy here

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