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A little more information about us:

The Archway Youth Project is non-profit organization that operates as a social enterprise. The Organisation

aims to enrich the lives of young people through a range of educational workshops and recreational activities.  AYP offers a unique learning experience, which uses cars, motorcycle and bicycle maintenance as instruments for engaging young people. The organization has a proven track record for minimising social exclusion, engaging and empowering at-risk young people, providing meaningful qualifications, as well as reducing crime rates. 

The new management led by Mr Mark Riches and Dr Iristide Essien (Iris)

At the Archway Youth Project, we anticipate that learners who access our provisions will:

·     Enjoy and achieve

·     Gain accredited qualification

·     Acquire transferable skills, particularly those that relate to tool handling and health and 

      safety, as well as other social and personal developments aptitudes.

·     Access facilities for organised and constructive leisure activities, encourage teamwork,                                                self- esteem and motivation.

·     Understand the principles of road safety, including understanding the legal aspects and                                              requirements of car or motorcycle ownership/usage

·     Be challenged to take personal responsibilities for their actions

·     Be empowered to make informed decisions

·     Access appropriate support during the transition into further education/training or                                                      employment

We provide a basic motor maintenance and personal development programme that is designed to complement school’s curriculum. The programme introduces learners to a range of activities and disciplines, using motor vehicles (with options to work on either cars or motorcycles). The aim is to use this provision, as an instrument for addressing the imbalances in young people’s lives, and therefore, empower and enable them to fulfil their career ambitions.

Student will be enrolled (in the first instance) in a Foundation in Motor Vehicle Maintenance Programme.

Aspects of the programme include health and safety at work, basic tool handling techniques, mechanical aptitude housekeeping, attendance, punctuality and teamwork.  This programme runs up to 20 weeks, it is a Quality Assured Award accredited by the Institute of Motor Industry (IMI). 


On Completion of the Foundation Course, students’ progress to an Entry Level 3 Qualification in Introduction to Vehicle Technology (QCF). This comprises of 14 Modules, which are based on systems in motor vehicles. This programme is Unit accredited. As part of the requirements for the full accreditation, your student will undertake an online assessment. This programme runs up to 2 years and the Institute of Motor Industry also accredits it.

In terms of additional support, we can facilitate the process by using one of our partners agencies/tutors at 5 hours per week (making the placement 5 days a week).  We can also provide a mentor (if one-to-one support is required).  We recommend between 8-12 hours per week for a student on a 5 day placement.

The Archway Youth Project anticipates that its provisions would bring greater benefits to any young person who endeavors to pursue career pathways in the automotive industry. Archway also anticipates that its offer would increase attainment/achievement levels, and subsequently, enhanced opportunities to accessing specialised areas within the motor vehicle engineering sector.

For more information about the project, please contact 0208310 1730 or email

Toni-Lee Ferguson                                               

Iris Essien                                                             



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